SEO Best Practices Course

SEO — search engine optimization — is a critical component of the online visibility of your business. If your website isn’t optimized for your target audience, it won’t show up in their search results. This means they won’t find your business when they need your products or services. Learning SEO will help you build your brand and improve your website’s organic search ranking. It’s the foundation of your digital marketing strategy and will give your business a competitive edge.

Learn SEO From an Expert

Do you want to learn SEO (search engine optimization)? Page One Digital’s Founder and CEO, Kimberly Portuondo, teaches a course on SEO basics that provides the knowledge you need to start your journey to a more prominent online presence. 

No prior experience is required for this Skillshare course, but you will need to be able to modify your website or have someone on your team do it for you. You will be practicing the SEO skills you learn with Kimberly on your own website. This is the best way to learn SEO — hands-on learning.

This SEO for beginners course outlines the best practices for SEO. Prepare to learn what SEO is, why it’s important, and how to optimize your website and blog posts.

Learn SEO from our own expert, Kimberly Portuondo, starting today.