Blogging Basics

Blogging is an excellent way to add new content to your website (Google loves that), establish yourself as an expert, and provide value to site visitors. If you don’t have a blog or don’t add to it regularly, you need our blogging for beginners guide. 

Don’t be intimidated by creating and maintaining a blog. With our blogging guide, you’ll learn the fundamentals of blogging and how to start from the ground up. Written by Page One Digital’s CEO, Kimberly Portuondo, this blogging for beginners handbook covers everything you need to know to get started.

Our blogging guide explains why blogging is essential for your business, how it boosts your SEO, how to create a content calendar, and more tips for writing effective blog content.

Excerpt From the Guide

“Most business owners don't dedicate time to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Understanding SEO isn’t easy, and Google is constantly changing its algorithms and policies. Seems like every time SEO practitioners get a handle on things, the rules change, and they’re all left wondering what they’re doing wrong and what they might possibly be doing right.

One thing that will always benefit your SEO efforts is blogging. Blogging is valuable to your business for millions of reasons, including building trust with your clients and potential clients, positioning yourself as an industry expert, and simply sharing news with your company’s followers. Blogging can only help you if it’s done properly.

Search engines love fresh, original content. Your website most likely does not change very often. That’s why you need to keep an active blog filled with new and relevant information. Ideally, you should be posting at least one 300-500 word blog each week. When customers type in search phrases like "social media management for my business,” search engines will pull the newest and most relevant content each time a search is performed. If your site hasn’t been updated with new information in a while, you can bet someone else’s will rank higher than yours in the results. That is where a blog comes in handy.”