Getting Started With Email Marketing

The majority of internet users check their email every day — many of them check multiple times. Are you sending emails to your customers? And are they opening and interacting with them? If you haven’t started using email marketing or aren’t seeing the results you’d like, it’s time to read our email marketing guide.

The guide is a great resource for businesses just getting started with email marketing as well as those who need advice on improving their email campaigns. It covers the basics from choosing an email platform to designing and scheduling your emails. There are email marketing tips and tricks described throughout this handy guide

Excerpt from the Guide

“Look for a platform that provides the following:

  • Subscriber management: Look for a platform that offers a way to group subscribers so you can keep them properly organized. For instance, you might organize subscribers based on their relationship with your business, location, or whether they opted in for emails from your website. 
  • Ease-of-use: Your email marketing platform should offer the ability to easily add photos and hyperlinks to your email campaigns. A platform that allows users to unsubscribe easily is also desirable. Otherwise, you may run into complications adhering to the Anti-Spam Act.
  • Detailed analytics: If you are spending time and money on email marketing, you should also be able to measure its success. Use analytics to understand the habits and behaviors of your subscribers so that you can reach them effectively. 
  • Social media integration: Your email marketing platform should integrate with social media so that subscribers can easily share your emails with their friends and followers through a variety of channels.”